Princeton Sports

A Baltimore area ski shop, Princeton Sports is well known for there service, and that has been in business for over 70 years. With locations in Baltimore and Columbia.

The Ski Bum ski and snowboard shop The Ski Bum ski and snowboard shop in Newark, DE (and Glen Mills, PA) prides themselves on service, knowledge and selection. The Ski Bum is staffed by highly knowledgeable sales professionals. Whether a seasoned skier or snow boarder or a novice, The Ski Bum's sales staff will offer you as much or as little assistance as you need. They presented our club with an equipment demo at a meeting this year. An remember Delaware has tax free shopping.

Visit Maryland's only ski resort, Wisp Resort, in western Maryland, or visit one of the southern Pennsylvania's ski areas; Ski Liberty, Whitetail, and Ski Roundtop.

Ski Liberty
Ski RoundtopWisp ResortWhitetail

General Ski Sites


SkiSite.com Ski Site is also a complete ski guide. They list ski resorts, conditions, information about the resorts, and ski clubs. They also link to trail maps and directions. If you need a ride, you can post a request on their ride board. They have reviews and the site is very uncluttered and easy to navigate.

On The Snow.com On The Snow has some good write-ups on the ski resorts. Choose a state and you’ll get a state overview.  For most resorts, they have a summary profile, lift and run information, links to resort web sites and trail maps, and reviews.

Ski Europe.com For ski trips to Europe, try Ski Europe. They have information about the resorts, the towns, as well as ski and weather reports.

Three skiing magazines, Ski and Skiing and Snow, have combined their resources into one website Ski Net.com. You can read the different magazine's reviews of gears and resorts. It's good to get just reviews without all the hype. They have lots of other stuff also.

Ski Central.comThe consummate ski list is now Ski Central and they still have us listed. Their pages include ski reports ski resorts, ski equipment, ski techniques, trip planning, and contest.

Snow Reports


Sno Country.comSnowCountry has the ski report for a whole lot of places worldwide.  This is probably the best chance to see ski cams at international ski resorts.  

On The Snow.com On The Snow has worldwide weather reports for ski resorts. They include many of the smaller resorts that the other web sites have missed. You can get the ski reports along with the weather reports. They also have stats for the resorts along with information such as opening day, average snowfall, number of lifts, number of skiable acres, trail maps, and a resort profile.

Real Conditions.com
has a very clean, uncluttered site (just like their affiliate, SkiSite).  You can get a quick, statewide report then click on an individual resort for more detail.  They can also e-mail you the state report each day for the state of your choice.

Ski Earth.com
Or you can go directly to the ski resort's ski report page at (you guessed it) Ski EARTH.com. This is also a great place to find a ski resort's web page.

Wheather Channel.com
The Weather Channel has the Snow Forecast.  They also have the Snow Quality Forecast so you can figure out if the snow is good for skiing or just slush.

Single Topic Ski Sites

    Blue Ridge Ski Council

We belong to both the Blue Ridge Ski Council and Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council, organizations of ski clubs located throughout the Mid-Atlantic states. This enables members of the Harford Ski Club to go on any BRSC or EPSC -sanctioned trip trip offered by member clubs. To view santioned trip by other clubs visit these links:
Blue Ridge Ski Council Sanctioned Trips or
Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council Sanctioned Trips
 The Blue Ridge Ski Council and Eastern Pennsylvania Ski Council are members of the National Ski Council Federation.

Ski Injury.com
Learn about ski injuries at www.ski-injury.com.  They have all sorts of interested injury data and research on the causes of injuries.