Summit County SafariTrip Report
Harford Ski Club
January 12-19, 2019

Your Excellency, Honorable Officers, and Distinguished Members,

I am most pleased to report the Results of another successful Expedition by the brave and stalwart Members of the mighty Harford Ski Club.  Our Safari took us to the aptly named Summit County in the Land of Colorado, a place of great Beauty and Grandeur.  Our Band consisted of Lord Gary and Lady Val, Lord Ernie and Lady Rose, Lord Joe and Lady Diane, Lord Duane and Lady Maria, Sir Rick, Sir Pat, Mistress Pat (no relation), Mistress Carrie, Mistress Karen, Mistress Alena, Mistress Kim, Mistress Tina, Mistress Sandy, and your humble servant.  I’m happy to Report we escaped the Mountains with no significant Injuries.

We gathered at the BWI Docks in the State of Maryland on the 12th of January, where we boarded a worthy Southwest Airship for ourVoyage across this greatContinent.  Our trip West was quite bumpy and we were obliged to remain in our personal Accommodations for nearly the entire Voyage.  However we soon arrived in good Order at the DenverDocks.  We quickly retrieved our Baggage Train and gathered at the loading Platform to await the arrival of our fine Coach.  Once I was assured of the worthiness of the Coach and Coachman, I left the Main Party in the capable hands of Mistress Kim, whilst I, accompanied by Lady Diane, Lord Joe, and Sir Rick, went off to procure a Cargo Sledge with which to transport the larger items of our Equipment into the mighty Rocky Mountains.  That Task accomplished, we departed the Denver Docks about an Hour behind the Main Party.

Both Groups stopped for Victuals and Refreshments at a well know Establishment famous for supplying Expeditions such as ours, known as Applewood Village.  Well stocked with both Food Stuffs and Strong Spirits, we continued our Trek into the Mountains, following a well-known and heavily travelled Route through Loveland Pass and on to the Village of Breckenridge, where we established our Base Camp at the Beaver Run Resort.  We arrived earlier than the Locals expected, and there was a short Delay whilst our Lodgings were prepared, but once were permitted Entry everyone was most pleased with the fine Accommodations.  The local Sherpas were most helpful and courteous, and are to be commended for their Skill and Patience in dealing with what by that time had become a somewhat Cranky Bunch.

Once everyone was settled, we gathered fora formal Welcome hosted by the Noblewomen of Beaver Run, Dames Tamika and Stephanie, and a most informative Orientation by Local GuideBrinlee of Vail Resorts, as well as a sumptuous Meal.  The Fare included fine canned Wine and Lagers of domestic Manufacture, as well as some of the local Delicacies.  Our Appetites sated, and weary from our long Journey, we soon retired to our Chambers for the Evening.

on mountian group

The following Morning, after a hearty Breakfast, we began our Assault on the Peaks of Summit County.  Over the next six Days, we repeatedly ventured into the Mountains, skiing from high Ridges to low Valleys, pushing the Limits of Human Endurance.  Breckenridge, Vail and Keystoneoffered our Troupe an awesome variety of Terrain to navigate, and we explored it all!  Great Skiing could be found above and below the Tree Line.  The Summit County Vistas are unmatchedin Beauty and Grandeur in my Experience. The first three Days offered sunny Skies and chilly Temperatures, then the weather turned as high Clouds gathered, eventually giving way to a Blizzard on our last Day on the Slopes.  Still, many of our Stalwart Band braved the inhuman Conditions and prevailed over the Mountains.

above treeline

On the 16th of January, the entire Troupe gathered at Spencer’s Restaurant for a great Banquet.  Our Hosts provided a most sumptuous Repast in a nobly appointed Private Dining Room, which featured a Menu of Soup or Salad; Prime Rib of Beef (mine was delicious), Pan Seared Grouper, Top Sirloin Steak, Stuffed Roasted Peppers, and, inexplicably, a Dish called Shrimp and Grits, a Delicacy usually found only in the Deep South, not in the Mountains of Colorado. Dessert featured a Choice of either Chocolate Lava Cake or Tiramisu (equally delicious), (although we were loathe to discover that the Villain known as AutoCorrect had once again struck at our Party, rendering the Name of our most blessed Club as the vulgar Hartford Ski Club on the Bill of Fare).  We were quite Amused to Discover that one of the Servers was so struck by Lady Val’s great Beauty that he forgot to write down her Order, (or perhaps he was distracted by Lord Gary’s menacing Demeanor).  In any Case, when the Main Course was served, she had None!  This Error was quickly and graciously corrected by our most excellent Host, however, and all was soon made Well. Everyone marveled at the delicious Fare, and indeed many stated that it was finest Group Dinner in their Mountain Dining Experience.
A further group Expedition to the mighty Mountains of Beaver Creek on the 17th of January had to be cancelled due to the impending Storm and my Doubts that our Cargo Sledge could safely navigate Vail Pass on the return Trip.  While everyone was disappointed in this Decision, most accepted my Judgement.  Sir Pat, however, was determined to Conquer the Mountains of Beaver Creek, and hiredwell-equipped Local Teamsters to transport him to and from those Mountains.  Many Thanks are due to Lord Joe and Lady Diane for watching over Mistress Carrie while Sir Pat was off scaling the Peaks of Beaver Creek.He returned in fine Fiddle later that Evening and reported on his successful Assault on the Beaver Creek Summit.

in town

On the Evening of January the 17th, Lady Val, Lord Gary, Mistress Sandy, Mistress Alena and Mistress Pat were walking around town before going to dinner on Thursday night   Mistress Pat began to sing along with a song playing on the speakers outside the Blue Stag Saloon.  After a Moment, Mistress Pat realized that the Song was Walk Away by Ballyhoo! –the very Band to which her Son, Scott,  belongs.  A very fun Moment for Mistress Pat.

On a personal level, I developed a most foul Toothache on the fourth Day, which greatly affected my Mood.  I am most appreciative of my fellow Travelers and our Hosts for putting up with my crankiness over the latter portion of our Adventure.

Moose sign

While there were multiple warning Signs for mighty Moose who could descend at any Moment upon hapless Skiers (and especially upon intransigent Snowboarders) in the Summit County Mountains, we escaped without encountering the Foul Beasts.  However, News Reels released shortly after our safe Embarkation at the Denver Docks noted an encounter between another Troupe and a Moose, which luckily resulted in no injuries, but some amusing diversionary Tactics.

All good Things must come to an End, and the whole Troupe gathered for a Farewell Potluck Extravaganza on Evening of the 18th of January in the Condominium occupied by Lord Joe, Lady Diane, Sir Rich and myself.  Much good Fellowship was shared as we discussed our Adventure.

10 mountian division

For our Departure on the Morning of the 19th of January, we assembled in the North Lobby where we first arrived.  Unfortunately a hapless Coachmen had gotten his Vehicle stuck during the Night, and blocked the loading Platform to other Coaches.  We were therefore required to carry our Baggage to another loading Platform, where we were assisted by the excellent local Sherpas in loading our fine Coach.  Once again, Lord Joe, Lady Diane, Sir Rick and your humble servant manned the Cargo Sledge whilst Mistress Kim took Charge of the Main Party.

Fortunately, the weather had cleared and we easily made our Way out of the Mountains to the Denver Docks, where we boarded a mighty Southwest Airship that transported us in relative Comfort to the BWI Docks, and thence safely to our Homes and Loved Ones.

Your most obedient servant,

Dr. Steven Landry, PhD
VP and Trip Leader

Ski club group photo